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I live in The Heights area here in Houston, Texas, am a mother of a toddler, and am excited to launch my all natural perfume.  I hand pour everything out of my home, and am very particular about what goes into my perfumes.  My line will start with 5 solid perfume scents.  They all contain amazing essential oils, absolutes, and isolates.  My background consists of a Journalism/Public Relations degree from Sam Houston State University, and I have previously been in marketing, personal assisting, and Real Estate.  

I became interested in natural perfume when I was pregnant, and while I was nursing my daughter.  I did not want her breathing synthetic perfumes, and started researching natural perfumes.  I researched many natural perfumers, read many books, and then found the amazing and well renowned Mandy Aftel.  I took a course from her in California, and for about a year and a half I have been working hard on my scents.  I have also done a vast amount of research on the healing properties of natural oils, absolutes, etc., and I feel natural perfume is great for your mind and spirit.

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