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D'Antonio Perfumes


I live in The Heights area here in Houston, Texas, am a mother of a toddler, and am excited to launch my all natural perfume.  I hand pour everything out of my home, and am very particular about what goes into my perfumes.  My line will start with 5 solid perfume scents.  They all contain amazing essential oils, absolutes, and isolates.  My background consists of a Journalism/Public Relations degree from Sam Houston State University, and I have previously been in marketing, personal assisting, and Real Estate.  


I became interested in natural perfume when I was pregnant, and while I was nursing my daughter.  I did not want her breathing synthetic perfumes, and started researching natural perfumes.  I researched many natural perfumers, read many books, and then found the amazing and well renowned Mandy Aftel.  I took a course from her in California, and for about a year and a half I have been working hard on my scents.  I have also done a vast amount of research on the healing properties of natural oils, absolutes, etc., and I feel natural perfume is great for your mind and spirit.

The names of my perfumes are "Tessa", (after my daughter), "Amore", "Lakehouse Cabin", "Eskimo Kisses", and "Summer Love".  Each scent is different in its own way.  "Tessa" is more of a gourmand, which includes vanilla, Hawaiian sandalwood, and cocoa.  It is just a touch of sweet with the healing properties of Sandalwood.  "Amore" (it is a very big perfume, which reminds me of what love is!) has the beautiful scent of rose, jasmine, the amazing frankincense, and many other wonderful oils. "Lakehouse Cabin", which has been a favorite, reminds you of being with your family at the cabin as a child.  It has smell of flowers, citrus, clove and fir, and it invokes happy feelings. " Eskimo Kisses"  is a light and fresh scent, but also has a nice twist with cedarwood and patchouli.  And "Summer Love" is also light and crisp with hints of rose, nutmeg, peru balsam, and more.


My 3 1/2 year old daughter has helped me along the way, and I love teaching her about the natural oils, etc.  I created this line to help people, and also to show my daughter the importance of natural materials.  I want to teach her, and lead by example, that women can do anything! And that we should love and empower, and I want to do this through natural perfume.